Thursday Jun 16th:  “Spicy” Conditions off Monterey Peninsula


Offshore deployments  A01a (12m), C01a (12m), E03a (9m), E04a (9m)  Near-shore deployments  X07p (3m), X08p (1m), A06p (2m),  B12p (2m), B14p (1m)  Deployment progress 24/32 near-shore instruments deployed 14/39 offshore instruments deployed 38/71 instruments deployed in total Gray skies and windy weather greeted the rocky shoreline of Monterey on Thursday morning, making for rough deployment conditions. The shore team started … Read More

Wednesday Jun 15th: ROXSI deployments are a go!


Wednesday was the first day of deployment. Waves were 5.8 ft at 11 s from the 305° NW direction (from CDIP data on 6/15/22) and winds were moderate. Offshore deployments   X01s (21m), X03s (17m), X04s (11m), B01s (33m), B02at (24m), B03s (20m), B04apt (19m), B05s (17m), B06apt (13m), ISPAR (24m)  Near-shore deployments  X09p (1m), X10p (1m), X11a (1m), X12p (1m), … Read More

Tuesday Jun 14th: Final preparations…


Tuesday morning was a windy one and began with a check of the conditions at both sites. Waves were big and winds were high at both spots.      At the beach lab, work then continued on the final prep of instruments for deployment!            post by Kaden Quinn The small-scale array team was busy in the … Read More

Monday Jun 13th: So it begins!


The first day of the ROXSI project was a staging day that consisted of an initial meeting of the teams who then quickly got to work on the unloading and assembly of all the instruments/gear needed for the project. There were a total of 71 instruments all of which needed to be unloaded, assembled, and prepped for deployment. On the … Read More

Sat & Sun June 11 & 12: Finding a Rock for the Small Scale Array


Site recon started this weekend for the small scale array. Tony and Johanna dove on three sites off Asilomar that had been selected from ETrac bathymetry surveys and Google Earth images. We chose a large rock in 4-8 m water just north of the large-scale array, which had some nice-looking flat spots at the top for mounting instruments. A surface … Read More