All instruments back in the lab


After a busy month and a half, we have officially wrapped up the 2022 ROXSI field experiment! Our boat and shore crews did a superb job and recovered all of our moorings in just a few days.   Since algae and kelp are more than happy to grow on our instruments, the first step back in the laboratory is to … Read More

novel coherent alongshore array – decades in the making


Nearshore oceanographers have long been interested in edge waves that are ubiquitously found on sandy shores; from Huntley, Guza, Thornton (Torrey Pines, early 80s) to Oltman-Shay, Howd (Duck, early 90s) to Sheremet, Noyes, Guza, Feddersen, Elgar (Duck, late 90s) and MacMahan, Reniers (rip channeled beach in Monterey, early 2000s); amongst many others. Edge waves are low-frequency waves that are refractively … Read More

UAS lidar and photo survey day at Asilomar


When flying our drone Asilomar State Park, we and the Parks rangers are often asked if we’re looking for sharks or other wildlife in the water for our research.  While the answer is generally “not-really” — our goal is to measure the waves and currents in the nearshore — we do in fact get beautiful views of the seabed and … Read More