All instruments back in the lab


After a busy month and a half, we have officially wrapped up the 2022 ROXSI field experiment! Our boat and shore crews did a superb job and recovered all of our moorings in just a few days.   Since algae and kelp are more than happy to grow on our instruments, the first step back in the laboratory is to … Read More

ROXSI nowcast wave model performance


As we wrap up the field program for ROXSI 1, I wanted to revisit the nowcast model performance compared to one of the nearshore wave observations (Quick side note: instrument recovery was a spectacular effort from land and sea by everyone involved!). A reminder, the ROXSI nowcast takes bulk wave spectral characteristics from a real-time offshore NDBC buoy (40 km … Read More

July 17th: More measuring waves from sky at China Rock


Over the past two weeks the SIO group has also been doing UAS flights with lidar but at China Rock.  See Matt’s post from July 16th at Asilomar.   Similar to the Oregon State group, our strategy has been principally to hover in space for ~12 minutes usually over an instrument – see the China Rock instrument map below. An example … Read More

Saturday July 16 – Measuring Waves from the Sky


When you imagine going to the beach, what’s the first thing you think of? Perhaps it’s sand or sun, perhaps it’s rocky intertidal areas, or perhaps it’s waves. Those waves that you may love to surf are also a critical aspect of coastal systems from many different perspectives. As waves approach the shore and break, they bring energy and momentum … Read More