Saturday June 25th: Hopkins Seaweed Survey by Mark Denny

ffeddersenBathymetry Survey

One hypothesis of ROXSI is that the drag on a lush carpet of benthic seaweeds could add substantially to the dissipation of wave energy on rocky shores. To approach that question, we needed to quantify the abundance of seaweeds at our experimental sites. Fortunately, last Saturday (June 25) was a beautiful day for surveying seaweeds: minimal swell and negligible wind. … Read More

Friday Jun 24th: Nearing the finish

kjquinnDeployment, GPS Marking

Friday was another classic Monterey morning and the whole team would be offshore today finishing up deployments at the China Rock array and continuing work on the small-scale array.  One of the previously deployed smart moorings at China Rock was having issues so the day began with the task of recovering that mooring and replacing it with a new smart … Read More

Thursday Jun 23rd: Instrument Installation begins for Small-Scale Array

kpickBathymetry Survey, Deployment

Today conditions were finally calm enough to begin installing instruments for the small-scale array. We headed out with three boats and three dive teams to deploy ADCPs in sand around the focus rock at Asilomar. The Sally Ann team deployed instruments and the divers lift bagged them into position around the rock. The Sebastes team installed spiral sand anchors beneath … Read More

Tuesday Jun 21st: Tricky GPS Marking of Instrument Locations

kpickGPS Marking

No offshore work was done today. At low tide, GPS marking was done at China Rock. Unfortunately, this low tide was not as low as the low tide that coincided with the initial deployment of the nearshore instruments, which meant that most of the instruments were deeper underwater and harder to see. With no surface expression buoys marking the ADCPs, … Read More