Wednesday Jun 15th: ROXSI deployments are a go!


Wednesday was the first day of deployment. Waves were 5.8 ft at 11 s from the 305° NW direction (from CDIP data on 6/15/22) and winds were moderate.

Offshore deployments 

 X01s (21m), X03s (17m), X04s (11m), B01s (33m), B02at (24m), B03s (20m), B04apt (19m), B05s (17m), B06apt (13m), ISPAR (24m) 

Near-shore deployments 

X09p (1m), X10p (1m), X11a (1m), X12p (1m), X13a (1m), X14p (1m), A08p (1m), A09p (1m), B16p (1m), B17a (1m), B18p (0m), C07p (1m), C08p (1m), C09p (0m), F01a (0m), F02a (1m), F03a (1m), F04a (0m), F05a (1m) 

Deployment progress 

  • 19/32 near-shore instruments deployed
  • 10/39 offshore instruments deployed
  • 29/71 instruments deployed in total

Both the nearshore and offshore teams faced challenges on the first day of deployment. The first challenge faced onshore was the task of transporting the unwieldy ADCP platforms over large slippery rocks and tide pools. Then came the challenge of finding a place near the intended drop site in which the platform would stay level, but also submerged at most tides and stable. Despite the challenges, almost all of the ADCPs were deployed successfully in 0-1 m of water. 

While still challenging, the smaller and lighter pressure sensors were much easier to maneuver through the rocky shores of both sites. The pressure sensors were also much easier to place as they did not need to be leveled. As such, all of the pressure sensors in the range of 0-1 m were able to be deployed on the first day. 

In the offshore, the dive team had to deal with some severe challenges caused by the large waves. The most extraordinary example of this was when the sea-spider dropped overboard prematurely due to a davit malfunction. The large waves rocking the boat caused there to be no tension momentarily as the sea-spider was hanging overboard, causing the quick-release mechanism to drop the frame and allowing it to freefall down the water column and land in an unknown orientation. Divers were sent in to chase after the fallen spider to find that it had landed directly on its head. Luckily none of the sensors were damaged and the divers were able to right to spider to the correct upright orientation. 

Deployment of the spotters went a little smoother and all of them were able to be deployed on the first day along with a few ADCPs. 

A few floats are visible after an overall very successful first day of deployment.

post by Kaden Quinn