Tuesday July 5th: An echo beneath the rolling waves

omarquesBathymetry Survey

Walk around Asilomar and you will see giant rocks along the shoreline. But what does the ocean floor look like off from the coast? How big are the rocks that we can’t see beneath the surface of the ocean? These are crucial questions in ROXSI because the shape of the sea bed determines how the waves shoal and break as … Read More

A Structure from Motion Perspective of the Small-Scale Array

jrosmanBathymetry Survey, GPS Marking

Left: Ortho mosaic of the instrumented rock at Asilomar, obtained by stitching GoPro photos. Right: multibeam bathymetry with instrument positions indicated by black dots. Magenta lines are across-shore and along-shore transects along which instruments were placed. On the last day deploying instruments in the small-scale array, visibility was amazing and we could  even see the instruments from the surface. Loren … Read More

Monday Jun 27th: Start of Divejet Survey

kpickBathymetry Survey, GPS Marking

The waves were minimal today, which made for a great day to bring out the divejet for the survey. A Signature 1000 ADCP was mounted on the divejet with the transducers facing down as drivers drove around the array on the surface of the water to cover areas that weren’t already covered by instruments. Drivers took 45-60 minute shifts on … Read More

Saturday June 25th: Hopkins Seaweed Survey by Mark Denny

ffeddersenBathymetry Survey

One hypothesis of ROXSI is that the drag on a lush carpet of benthic seaweeds could add substantially to the dissipation of wave energy on rocky shores. To approach that question, we needed to quantify the abundance of seaweeds at our experimental sites. Fortunately, last Saturday (June 25) was a beautiful day for surveying seaweeds: minimal swell and negligible wind. … Read More

Thursday Jun 23rd: Instrument Installation begins for Small-Scale Array

kpickBathymetry Survey, Deployment

Today conditions were finally calm enough to begin installing instruments for the small-scale array. We headed out with three boats and three dive teams to deploy ADCPs in sand around the focus rock at Asilomar. The Sally Ann team deployed instruments and the divers lift bagged them into position around the rock. The Sebastes team installed spiral sand anchors beneath … Read More