Saturday Jun 25th: ADVs and the Kelp Monster


After finding that some ADCPs were getting buried in the sand yesterday, it was decided that they should be checked again by divers and moved out of the sand into a rocky area to prevent scouring and getting the transducers covered by sand. Divers went out to China Rock today to check that instruments were level and not covered by sand. Most were remaining stable/level, while others were able to be easily fixed. There is only one ADCP that needs sand screws in order to be level and not submerged in sand.

A dive team also dove at Asilomar and deployed five ADVs (Acoustic Doppler Velocitymeters). A large kelp monster was found hanging around one of the spotters which ended up getting cleared today as well. The waves were small and the wind was relatively light for the duration of the deployments.

Launching from the harbor

Johanna getting ready to deploy an ADV