Friday Jun 24th: Nearing the finish

kjquinnDeployment, GPS Marking

Friday was another classic Monterey morning and the whole team would be offshore today finishing up deployments at the China Rock array and continuing work on the small-scale array. 

One of the previously deployed smart moorings at China Rock was having issues so the day began with the task of recovering that mooring and replacing it with a new smart mooring. The smart mooring was swapped and had the added benefit of providing the team with some good practice for the recovery of the instruments in July. The original smart mooring was then sent back to the manufacturer for diagnostics. 

Next up was the deployment of the ISPAR. Deployment was a bit tricky, but the ISPAR was ultimately deployed with no issues and will provide valuable data about the interface between the ocean and atmosphere at China Rock. 

The team also spent some time GPS marking more of the offshore instruments and came to discover that some of the ADCPs had a scouring issue leading to transducers getting covered in sand. 

Partially buried ADCP

At the small-scale array site, divers completed drilling holes into the rock and epoxying all thread which would be used to anchor instrument frames in high risk locations on the rock. Pressure sensors and an ADCP were deployed, and positions of some previously deployed instruments were refined.