Wednesday Jun 22nd: GPS shooting, Met Station, and Small-Scale Array Prep

kjquinnDeployment, Preparation

Another beautiful day at China Rock despite the fog bank lingering offshore and news of a shark attack at Lovers Point lingering in the minds of the team.

The task for the shore crew was to continue GPS marking the locations of instruments. This became a bit of a game of hide and seek between the instruments and the team with the instruments only revealing their locations during the brief lulls in the swell. The remaining pressure sensors were easier to spot, being marked by a peanut float whereas the ADCPs seamlessly blended in with the rocky bottom and its dense foliage. In total, only three instruments were marked today as the rest were deemed too risky to pursue due to the surf. 

At Asilomar, CLASI joined ROXSI. The met station was added to the trailer allowing for relevant atmospheric measurements to be taken at the sight. 

At least there’s no sharks up there…

The small scale array team was busy in the lab most of the day programming instruments and installing them on frames in preparation for  deploying them the next day. The day ended with the team loading ADCP frames onto boats and attaching weights. They are ready to splash! 

Weights being attached to an ADCP frame on the deck of the Sally Ann