Thursday Jun 23rd: Instrument Installation begins for Small-Scale Array

kpickBathymetry Survey, Deployment

Today conditions were finally calm enough to begin installing instruments for the small-scale array. We headed out with three boats and three dive teams to deploy ADCPs in sand around the focus rock at Asilomar. The Sally Ann team deployed instruments and the divers lift bagged them into position around the rock. The Sebastes team installed spiral sand anchors beneath ADCP frames and carefully levelled instruments. Divers also finished drilling and installation of all thread anchors in the rock today – phew, that was tough work!


A divejet survey was planned for today, but after assessing the foggy conditions and larger than forecasted waves, the survey was rescheduled to Monday. The idea was to attach an ADCP to a mount on the divejet with the transducers facing down into the water and to drive the divejet along the surface of the water to get data where there are holes in the arrays due to there being no instruments there. Alas, this will have to wait until the waves calm down because the bubbles that are caused by waves breaking will produce bad data if we run the survey now.

Divejet with ADCP mounted on it