UAS lidar and photo survey day at Asilomar


When flying our drone Asilomar State Park, we and the Parks rangers are often asked if we’re looking for sharks or other wildlife in the water for our research.  While the answer is generally “not-really” — our goal is to measure the waves and currents in the nearshore — we do in fact get beautiful views of the seabed and … Read More

ROXSI nowcast wave model


We are developing a suit of regional-to-local scale wave models for ROXSI using the COAWST modeling system. One such product is our nowcast wave model using a series of three nested SWAN grids with successively higher resolution.  In its current incarnation, every 4 hours we initialize a model with the latest hourly bulk wave spectral characteristics in the region available … Read More

Friday July 1st : UAS Lidar surveys at China Rock


Friday Morning we continued our UAS lidar surveys of China Rock. In particular we focussed on cross-shore transects along the B-line, C-line, and A-line of China Rock. The data returns are excellent. Below is a image of uncorrected lidar returns for the B-line only.The entire bay of China Rock and the headlands are beautifuly visualized. These A-line, B-line, and C-line … Read More

Asilomar From Above


Asilomar drone flight

Oregon State’s camera tower was parked along Sunset Drive on June 16, and has been collecting video near continuously since then to observe waves and currents over the Asilomar ROXSI study area.  Three cameras are at the top of the tower, overlooking Pico Bay, the cross-shore instrument array, and the southern shoreline.  Foam drifting on the water surface has revealed … Read More

Wednesday Jun 29th: Look! Up in the Sky!


The weather miraculously cleared up enough for the Skyfront LiDAR Drone to go out for its first flight in Monterey today at China Rock. After some setup issues, it lifted off its landing pad.    The drone was successful in flying for over an hour hovering at a few locations at 30 m above the ocean.  We collected some great … Read More