Wednesday Jun 29th: Look! Up in the Sky!


The weather miraculously cleared up enough for the Skyfront LiDAR Drone to go out for its first flight in Monterey today at China Rock. After some setup issues, it lifted off its landing pad.    The drone was successful in flying for over an hour hovering at a few locations at 30 m above the ocean.  We collected some great … Read More

Tuesday Jun 28th: Finishing Touches in Rough Conditions


Undesirable weather came around again today after a couple days with ideal conditions. The fog was thick in the morning which caused the second day of divejet surveying to be canceled. Regardless, the R/V Sally-Ann still went out to China Rock and Asilomar in victory at sea conditions. Several more ADCPs were checked to make sure that they were level … Read More

Monday Jun 27th: Start of Divejet Survey

kpickBathymetry Survey, GPS Marking

The waves were minimal today, which made for a great day to bring out the divejet for the survey. A Signature 1000 ADCP was mounted on the divejet with the transducers facing down as drivers drove around the array on the surface of the water to cover areas that weren’t already covered by instruments. Drivers took 45-60 minute shifts on … Read More

Saturday Jun 25th: ADVs and the Kelp Monster


After finding that some ADCPs were getting buried in the sand yesterday, it was decided that they should be checked again by divers and moved out of the sand into a rocky area to prevent scouring and getting the transducers covered by sand. Divers went out to China Rock today to check that instruments were level and not covered by … Read More