Monday Jun 27th: Start of Divejet Survey

kpickBathymetry Survey, GPS Marking

The waves were minimal today, which made for a great day to bring out the divejet for the survey. A Signature 1000 ADCP was mounted on the divejet with the transducers facing down as drivers drove around the array on the surface of the water to cover areas that weren’t already covered by instruments. Drivers took 45-60 minute shifts on the dive jet in the morning before it ran out of battery. After it was recharged, they went back out and did more surveying in the afternoon. Plenty of water time for the whole divejet team.


While the divejet team went out, more nearshore GPS marking took place at both Asilomar and China Rock. All locations of nearshore instruments at Asilomar were marked and nearly all nearshore instruments were marked at China Rock with the exception of one which was unable to be found because its float line probably got cut on one of the rocks during the past few days of big swell. 


The Small-Scale Crew dived on the Asilomar rock one final time to measure instrument positions, secure harnesses, and remove lines that had been installed to aid navigation around the site. The dataset begins!


All in all, a very productive day for all groups!

Divejet with ADCP mounted on it

Lifting the divejet over the rocks to get it into the water