Sunday Jun 26th: Installation of Small Scale Array Complete, and Goodbye Grad Students!


More than 20 dives and 40 chilly underwater person-hours later, installation of the small scale array was completed today! Many thanks to the awesome dive crew: Tony, Alyssa, Duncan, Loren, Annie, Kent, and Johanna, and boat crew: Kate, Kent, Rob, Kanoa, and Falk. Over the past 3 weeks we prepped the rock and installed 5 ADCPs, 10 Vectors, and 10 pressure sensors on and around the focus rock at Asilomar. Conditions were often far from ideal, with divers marking sites, drilling rock, and installing anchors in low vis and large surge. The stars aligned to give us a perfect window of 20 ft vis and minimal waves to deploy instruments on the rock this past weekend. Check out the video Alyssa made at the link below!



Today was the last day of work for the grad student divers who have been working extremely hard on this trip, putting in 5-10 dives a day for the past couple of weeks. Cheers to them!

Loren and Annie in the fog aboard the Moss Landing Marine Lab RHIB.

It was a foggy day, but the waves were really small and the wind was insubstantial which made for pretty decent diving. Nearly all the offshore ADCPs were checked to make sure that they were level. Only a few more left to do for another day. 

Another day of foggy weather… some sun would be nice