Tuesday Jun 14th: Final preparations…


Tuesday morning was a windy one and began with a check of the conditions at both sites. Waves were big and winds were high at both spots. 

China Rock




At the beach lab, work then continued on the final prep of instruments for deployment!   

Programming of instruments and final planning of routes for the next few days of deployments.


Final assembly of ADCPs


A line of fully compass calibrated ADCPs ready to be programmed


Truck bed loaded with a sea spider and ADCPs ready for the next day’s deployment


The team discusses logistics for the next few days’ deployments in challenging conditions.

post by Kaden Quinn

The small-scale array team was busy in the Denny Lab over at Hopkins, installing batteries in ADCPs and prepping instrument frames.

Tony and June in the Denny lab prepping ADCPs.


Signature 1000s all assembled, with Vector frames in the background.