Sat & Sun June 11 & 12: Finding a Rock for the Small Scale Array


Site recon started this weekend for the small scale array. Tony and Johanna dove on three sites off Asilomar that had been selected from ETrac bathymetry surveys and Google Earth images. We chose a large rock in 4-8 m water just north of the large-scale array, which had some nice-looking flat spots at the top for mounting instruments. A surface marker was deployed. The ~10 ft vis made navigation a challenge, so we stayed clipped in to the surface marker while checking out the site. The divers then deployed and installed subsurface floats to mark corners of a 10 m x 15 m box around the area of interest. Temporary lines were laid across the rock to mark cross-shore and along-shore transects along which instruments will be positioned. The subsurface floats and lines will help divers find the site and navigate around it during deployment and retrieval.